MTW Milling Machine

Downtime: equipped with built-in pump, no need of a pump or lubrication, it can realize the lubrication cycle between the main shaft and the gear shaft bearing.High utilization rate of materials: blade adopts split design, which just needs to change the shovel blade; blade with high wear-resistant alloy material has long service life, greatly reducing the cost of production.


  • 1. Low energy consumption.
  • 2. To reduce the resistance, no accumulation of materials.
  • 3. The export orientation to the dispersion of the material inside is not easy to jam.
  • 4. Avoid the eddy current effect,with no resistance and the air inlet.
  • 5. Which make installation and adjustment faster and more convenient.
  • 6. Milling Machine Working Principle.
  • 7. In the grinding chamber internal grinding material with certain water content.

Technical Data

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